Rik Smits riding MX

i just heard about this. How the heck does he even ride considering that he is 7 foot something. I also saw in MXA(i think) his size 20 sg 10s! Do you guys know anything else about this?

would that make his 450 more like a pit bike, would he have to put tall bars and seat on it

Who's Rik Smits? :thumbsup:

he used to play in the NBA. he played for the pacers for a long time

Yes, he does ride.

I know a guy here that bought an old (72 or 73?) Husky from him off eBay.

Rick delivered it to one of the company warehouses in Indiana to ship it down here.

They knew it was him 'cause he was like 9 feet tall! :thumbsup:

I saw a picture in a magazine of some 7' something ex-NBA player riding an old 500, and that thing literally looked like a 50 with a normal sized person riding it. I want to see a video of this guy on a MX track.

Was this the same NBA player that was featured in a magazine a year or 2 ago, races all the vintage bikes?

I camped next to Rik at Berkshire Six Days Reunion Ride in '03. He is tall and fast. He rode a few minutes behind me and would fly by between checks. A real nice guy. I have a picture of him riding an old 125 Penton that looks like a clown on a pocket bike.


Was this the same NBA player that was featured in a magazine a year or 2 ago, races all the vintage bikes?

Probably, they had a pic or 2 of him in Trail Rider last year in the write up of the '04 ISDE Reunion ride. Seeing him on a bike is quite the sight! :thumbsup:

I race with Rik regularly and our families are good friends. He really hates all the attention and just wants to be a regular guy. Basketball was his old life. His new one is collecting, restoring and racing old bikes. :thumbsup:

When we are at vintage Nationals he really doesn't like all the attention, especially the 'wow you make that look like a mini bike' talk. :bonk:

To us he's just Rik - the tall guy with old bikes like us. :thumbsup:

yea he is huge

he comes around were i live sometimes and when u see him its like wow

i would love to see a vid of him riding

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