DRZ400 hard start at 12,600'?

Okay...I think I've got a stock jetted 02 DRZ400. Most of my riding is between 6000' and 8000'. Bike runs well, sometimes surges just a little.

I'm going to Colorado this summer with my brother, and we are going to ride the pass between Creede and Silverton. We'll fish along the way, and will peak at about 12.6k'

With the stock jetting, will I experience any hard start issues either when hot or cold with my DRZ?

Thanks in advance for any help.



no starting issues but the main jet will be way rich.

no starting issues but the main jet will be way rich.

Thanks! If I open up the airbox, would that help? Or is that just not enough? Got any recommendations for re-jetting for 8k feet?



do you have the snorkle out already?if not that will help.with the stock air hole and needle you will need a 135 main to clean it up that high.

I took my DRZ to Colorado a couple years ago and since we were only planning to ride 2-3 days I decided to skip rejetting. We rode up over 13,000 ft. and yes it was way down on power but still started and idled and for trail riding it was fine. My bike was not stock, it had been rejetted for sea level to 3,000 ft. also.

I had a friend with a stocker who claimed his bike ran great with just removing the airbox lid (E model).

I have no doubt that a smaller main jet such a burned suggest would be the best setup, but if your worried about it not running or starting at all, most likely you'll be fine.

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