Rocketa service after the sale

If anyone out there is considering purchasing a Rocketa(Terminator) brand ATV or motorcycle I stronly suggest rethinking your purchase.I own one of these machines and have been trying to get any one of a number of dealers to get me a tripple tree and I have found almost all of them wont even give a reply back on inquiries on parts,furthermore places like West Coast Products (Ebay seller) will reply back but they dont give a damn about you or even attempt to lift a finger to assist they just basically say its not our problem you should have bought the bike from us.After emailing back and forth with them I found they make excuses and when you call their bluff they get rude( I have emails to prove) Anyway I am done ranting I just dont want someone going through this like I have buyer beware! :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup::eek::p:worthy::cool::prof::lol::lol::worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::foul::foul::banana::banana:

We have gotten parts for several people who have bought other brand bikes including Roketa. Email us picture of the part you need and we will do our best to take care of you.


Is it possible that my messages have not reached you because of a spam blocker on your email ? I have emailed you once but I guess you didnt get the email. Anyway go to this link for picture of the broken partBroken tree go to this link for the bike picbike Sorry for the mishap the previous email must have not got to you please PM me with info.


Brett Y :thumbsup:

Rocketa has no after sale service whatsoever. Not a big deal though there are tons of companies that will give you the support you need.

I believe the bikes they are selling, (or were atleast) are the mustang bikes. LIke BBR clones.

Most of the generic chinese parts will work.

Luckily I have had absolutely no problems with the bike so i havent had any real issues to deal with.

I broke off my brake handle why loading it and got an aftermarket piece.

For a strong running 125cc loncin motor on a 14 x 12 platform, i got a bike from them for 599 SHIPPED. Its been great to me but they def offer no part support

I am 95% sure you emailed me back and said you had someone local getting you one??? We had one pulled off of a demo bike and it was ready to be shipped out. If this is not the case, I will see if we can locate it again.


It might be my mistake I went through your website when trying to contact you maybe I did something wrong? after you replied tonight I just figured you must not have got the message its no big deal I have had no luck finding parts whatsoever and West Coast Products proved to me tonight what kind of company they are.Anyway sorry for the confusion I still have not found parts for the bike or even had a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel other than your company.When you PM me I will supply both my email addresses.


Brett Y

Brett, let me see if we can locate the one we pulled off. It was supposed to go back on the bike, but, who knows if it actually happened.

I PM ed you I will PM you again with my email in a little while.did you look at the pictures? does it look familiar? I understand that I might have to replace the entire tripple tree which I am willing to do as long as the price is reasonable.I can take more pics and measeurments on spacing if needed tomorrow the bike is sitting in my kitchen staying warm during the winter.


Found the upper tree you are looking for sent U a pm.

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