slip on or low boy gp

anyone runing either system. i need a little more low to mid torqe im a 40 year old 220 vet running 49rear in worcs and desert.

i just recently installed th ti-4 lb systemand i would rate it a 10 it boadened out the p :thumbsup: ower which made it easier to use for me...check out my garage..

is there any difference btw. buying the full-system and buying the slip on and later the headpipe? any differences in the fit, etc.

no difference

FMF "4" Carbon...Better "Pull"/Torque off the Bottom and Keeps it's Top-End!

I love it.

Is this the 4.1 that you are talking about? I am able to get a pretty sweet deal on the FMF. Anymore info would be great I am still up in the air on a pipe!

just go with the full PC Ti system, really wakes up the bike :thumbsup: , makes more power everywhere

yes there is a differnce with the gp system the canister does not fit the stock header..


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