how much oil 4 oil cooled 50

my friend left his tricked out 50 at my house, it is completely done up by king racing. it has a oil cooler and some oil leaked out of it. how much oil does it need and how do i check how much oil it needs. It has this oil cooler.

do i take off the oil tap that is on the case and does it have a type of dip stick or something


.08 of quart will be plenty. OR fill it like normal, start it, shut it off, check it, and fill it again, start it, shut it off and check again.

is 400cc enough? that almost a quart

You have to check it like five0addict said, and not just start adding.

Use the dipstick. You have to warm the engine and give the oil a minute or 2 to drain back, then wipe the dipstick and check it. Make sure the bike is level when you are doing it. The easiest I have found way to do it is to sit on the bike and feel when it is balanced, then put the dipstick back it. Just set it in place - don't screw it down to check.

The oil level should be up to the top of the crosshatch marks, but not over. Add oil slowly to bring it up to full - even with the cooler it doesn't hold much. You may have to snug-up the fittings if it is leaking.

You should also be using motorcycle oil, not the regular stuff - especially if it is a race engine.

400 cc is only almost a half a quart

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