wheelies on klx 110

so guys what is your longest first gear balance wheelies on your klx 110's mine is about 60 - 80 feet on street and my bike is completely stock, pics are good too so whats your guys longest balance wheelies...ill get pics of my wheelies soon

give me yer email and i'll show you a 220lb guy riding one on a stock 110

pm sent^^

dicktony@hotmail.com send it my way I need to see this (I am 250 6'2")

hey guys i can rip real good wheelies on my 110. I do them in second pretty controled for about 150-200 feet

i wheelied about 75ft a few times on my klx110.the only thing it has is a bbr pipe!!i wheelied down my rd.

haha thats pretty good for heavier guys. Im 15 and have been ridin and racin since i was 7. my 110 has 4 gears and i usually pull up and second and shift to third once i reach high rpms. But with all the torque its very easy to pull up in third gear. I think my farthest wheelie is over 500 feet about as big as the whole road before a turn. I guess it also helps that i wiegh about 85 pounds

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