93 XR650L vs 96 XR600R - HELP !

You don't need to rewind your stator. The 650L does have a voltage regulator/rectifier that the 600R does not have. Both bike have a 190 watt stator, stock! You may want to see about getting an aftermarket voltage rectifier/regulator. The XR650L and the XR600R have a different way of generating spark. You'll discover this too.

I have never installed an XR650L starter on an XR600R. I don't know if there will be any funky differences. The crank shaft on the 650L may be longer, I don't know. You'll clear those hurdles when you get to them with $$$$$ :thumbsup:

The funkiness I discovered is that the gear sets are different. You could take an entire XR600R transmission, with the mainshaft and coutershaft and install them on an XR650L engine, but the individual gears have a different design, even though they have identical numbers of teeth, except for first. :thumbsup:

hey thanks LOB!!!

Yeah the 650L is 3 phase power generation.

I intend to retain my existing XR600 flywheel and stator without having to swap for the 650L stuff.

Yeah got the rectifer worked out so thats cool.

More interested in rough dimensions on how much further the 650l left hand crankshaft sticks out compared to the xr600?

My plan is to make an adapter and push all the 600 stator and flywheel over further so the starter gear and clutch can be bolted on.

I bought the 650l engine cover so hopefully the 600R stator bolts right onto the 650l engine cover.

Hopefully retainign the 600R flwyheel and electrics will mean the timing and all will be still aok.

if you think of any " gotchas" let me know.

BOLT Performance,

From what I understand, there will be no delay in throttle response after the modification. It'll never be like it could be with a pumper carb, but you'll still get better mileage out of a CV.

You won't discover the BIG problems until you take you 650L into some sand :thumbsup:

Damn you are a tease... So what am I gonna see in the sand... LOL

Trail Tech makes a nice & inexpensive regulator rectifier...


The flywheel side sticks out further only because of the sprage clutch, but I too do not know if the crank is longer on that side on the 650L.

B P,

Here is what I'm talking about withe the 650L in the sand:

Check the pics out that were posted on this thread.


Originally Posted by rokklym:




The first pic just pi$$es me off!!! :thumbsup:

Well I love the sand with the 600R... I think those guys spend too much time with the throttle off... :thumbsup:

I'm picking up the L on Friday and I'll have it in the washes in Ocotillo on the 10th. Guess I'll find out soon enough.

Key to sand is SPEED.

Key to sand is SPEED.

AND a terrorflex!!!


Picked up the 93 XR650L today... It sounds and Revs just like the XL500 I had years ago... It has a pronounced putt putt putt... where my XR is BRAAAP BRAAP... Is this CAM based...? Carb Based...? My XR600R never had the putt putt putt thing ever... Not even new and uncorked...

So do I need to throw an XR Carb at this thing or is Dave's MOD enough to get my Braaaap or is it motor related...?

An YES... OMG I can feel that horrible first gear... Gonna suck when I put my off road sprockets on the bike...

My 600R


New 650L (The PIG)


Well I got to ride this 93 XR650L back to back with my 96 XR600R in Ocotillo this weekend... And WOW was I in for some surprises... Apparently some previous owner has done some suspension work because this thing stomps my XR600R in the whoops... Whoops in either loose sand or hard pack I could ride as fast as I wanted... I surprised myself and others... It was like riding a comfy couch... I still can't believe it... This bike gives new meaning to "soaking it up". My XR600R is definitely going to get new fork work after this experience !

I did not notice a substantial difference between the two bikes in soft stuff as far as front end wash... I think I am just very used to the bigger bikes... I tend to steer with the throttle and power on through corners in soft stuff... maybe guys that fall are trying to steer these beasts... I steer them like a jet boat or SeaDoo... throttle to turn in sand...

I'm now looking for some parts:

XR600R all white side covers

XR600R tail light... with dual element if possible

XR650L left side motor cover

XR650L Starter gear cover

XR650L Drive Wheel cover (front sprocket)

The cam, carb, filter, snorkel, smog on a stock 650 L are all junk.

Hotcam, Mikuni-edelbrock carb, K&N filter, desnorkel, desmog and you will not know what hit you.

Look at the specs; the 600 is lighter( no battery or electric start ) You could convert it though. Either put an xl600 cyl with xr650 piston (100mm bore) you have to deck the cyl though or convert the 650. Honda lists the 600 at 286# and the 650l at 324# I did the first with a 101 bore and made it a 640; whata difference!

Look at the specs; the 600 is lighter( no battery or electric start ) You could convert it though. Either put an xl600 cyl with xr650 piston (100mm bore) you have to deck the cyl though or convert the 650. Honda lists the 600 at 286# and the 650l at 324# I did the first with a 101 bore and made it a 640; whata difference!

Sorry... you totally lost me... we were talking about what makes the 650L putt so tame versus the 600R... Not building up the 600R... I'm trying to find out if there is a difference in CAMs between the two or if it's just carbs...

Cam and compression are diff. between the XRL and the 600 XRR.


Can you elaborate...?

The XR650L has a cam and compression ratio that is leaned more towards lower emissions and better gas mileage. Consequently that means less power stock.

Anyone know any specifics...? Everyone keeps offering anecdotal quip and runs... This is ThumperTalk... We are talking about the two most popular versions of the number one thumper of all time... someone here must know these two motors like the back of their hand...

Thanks Dave... Good info...! :thumbsup:

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