Enzo, FC, or MX Tech, I need help!

So I've decided to go ahead and use one of these three companies, but, I'm not sure who yet. :bonk: Does anyone have a preference or maybe even experience with more than one. What did you like/dislike? And I am assuming Enzo machines there own valving as well, but I don't actually know. :thumbsup:

I'm kinda leaning on FC as I've just read about more feedback with them and it sounds like they have awesome customer service. There is a local suspension shop that is a MX Tech dealer/installer, I just don't know much about MX Tech. Any help or info that anyone has is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave

Assuming your working on a YZ, send the stuff to Enzo.

ENZO is awesome

I used enzo and just sent my forks back for re valve because the setup was to stiff. Also they installed yz springs in my wr (6mm shorter). They sent me the right springs and are re valving free, but not being local is a bit more difficult, down time and shipping cost. Custom set up of your suspension is not really a one shot deal, you may have to modify your stuff a time or two. You might take that into consideration. Customer service w/ enzo is great and consultation about your suspension characteristics is great as well. :thumbsup:

Enzo generally does great work, but they always seem to lean toward the stiff side. IMHO, I feel Factory Connection would offer a broader range of setups. Both will back up their work.

Thanks for the info guys. I think I'm going to try FC, thinking about getting my suspension cut down a little and they only charge an extra $35 per end to shorten 'em up. :thumbsup:

If you are going to use FC I have a $25 coupon for them, let me know if you want it.

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