Do you ride in the cold?

It's winter in Chicago. In other words, "brr". (Interestingly, it's been strangely warm here over the past month). But, that doesn't stop me from riding. I dress in layers, and go have some fun. About 70% street / 30% dirt.

Yeah, it's a little cold, but I like riding too much to winterize my bike. I just don't go on long rides below about 40 degrees F, and I do admit that once it drops below 20-25 F I do cut it short. Of course, snow on the roads keeps me in. What about you?

ya bro! here in carson city nevada its 20 to 28 degrees in the morning and get alot of freezing fog, snow, ice. get alot of surprised looks by other motorists wh :thumbsup: en im on my 650l! love it to much to see it sit!

Yep. I've been riding my L every chance that I get. Usually commuting if it's over 35 degrees F but sometimes just riding for the heck of it. I've put 300+ miles on since the week after Christmas.

I ride often down to about 28 degrees here in Dallas. I love riding too much to live somewhere where I can't ride for months at a time.

I just avoid riding when it's been cold enough to put ice on the road. I took a low-speed tumble a few years back when the morning mist froze on the road. It was a real shock to find myself sliding down the road on my back, watching my beautiful ST1100 sliding along behind.

My 'L' is a great commuter bike during the week. On the weekends, I switch to my 2nd set of wheels with knobbies and hit the trails!

with higs around mid 40's here in michigan, hell yeah ive been ridin her!!

I take mine out once in a while if the weather is at least above freezing and only during the day. I wont commute on it in this kind of weather because I never know for sure when I will be able to leave work. I did a 50mi loop on Sun. just because it worked out for me to do so. I even ditched going to the bike show that was in town to make it happen.

Going to be 75 degrees here this weekend. Brrrrrr....but I'm still going to ride. :thumbsup:

Last year I lived 40 mins from work. It was a 60 mile commute round trip. I drove the truck 6 times over the winter. Rode the Dakar everyday I could other than the 6 times. Sometimes it was 40 in the morning sometimes it was 0. Didnt matter. I used a full set of Joe Rocket Balistic gear and a down jacket and pants under it. Also (and the winner here) is the Hippo hands, made for snowmobiles. It made the trips oh so bearable. I really couldnt imagine doing this without them. They are great and would be even better if one had heated gloves or grips. Havent tried electric vests yet or anything of the like but this year has been a bit like last year. It is unusually warm here this year and it is nice. I have been riding as much as possible, maybe 300 miles last week alone. I have been switching between my 3 650s this winter and very glad the cold stuff has been at bay so far. I really hate winter, but the nice thing is no bugs.


Surprised looks are fun. I always wonder how many of them are thinking, "He's crazy", and how many of them are thinking, "God, I wish I was having fun like that."

It reminds me when I ride my streetbike in full leathers when it's hot. (I always ride with full gear.) If I had a nickel for every person that asked, "Aren't you HOT????", I'd be rich. I don't care what they think. If I go down, I want to keep my skin. Anyway, you're not hot at 80 miles an hour.

I just bought me a KLR250 for my rain bike. I've installed the heated hand grips and a small wind screen.

I do ride in all kinds of weather while getting 69.9 mpg!! And I also get a few stares when it's 35 degrees and sleeting out.

All I need now are some hand guards. I can't seem to any that will work.


It was 59 degrees yesterday morning in Miami.

I thought my nipples would freeze off! :thumbsup:

Yep, ride it throught the winter. I have the armored jacket, pants, boots. Jacket, and pants have zip out insulation. The only thing I do is wear a turtle neck "sock" used for skiing, that was the only spot I used to feel the low temps.

I always give the bike some extra time to warm up in temps below 40 or so. Let the oil get a little more fluid before stressing the engine.

originally being from Illinois, I grew up riding in ANY kind of weather, but now living in Kalifornia, I am usually the only motorcycle in sight when the temperature falls below 70 ... lotta 'wussies' out here ... actually, I gotta admit, Im getting 'wussified' these days, but Im gettin' OLD, and the arthritis just dont like that cold, damp weather that I used to ignore .. I respect "foul-weather riders" ... :thumbsup:

originally being from Illinois, I grew up riding in ANY kind of weather, but now living in Kalifornia, I am usually the only motorcycle in sight when the temperature falls below 70 ... lotta 'wussies' out here ... actually, I gotta admit, Im getting 'wussified' these days, but Im gettin' OLD, and the arthritis just dont like that cold, damp weather that I used to ignore .. I respect "foul-weather riders" ... :thumbsup:

I'm nearby in california...

I ride all year, but my commute bike is an ST1100 (my "all weather" bike), and it handle the rain pretty well.

Heated grips and a widder vest, and I'm good down to freezing, don't get much chance to ride when it's colder, but I'd probably be okay, though below freezing, I'd be concerned about ice.


The high tomorrow is going to be 48 degrees and I have a ride planned to break in a new hot cam. If Winter is going to be like this in Michigan, I may hit some trails if the sun comes out!

hell yes as long there is no ice

When it gets below about 25 degrees, it can start to be unpleasant.

The best addition to any winter riding gear is wearing a cheap rain suit over whatever it is that you are wearing. If air cannot pass through whatever you are wearing then heat cannot escape. You can stay nice and toasty for hundreds of miles in below freezing temperatures.

When I worked for Ironman Sprockets, I would commute 53 miles one way. From Reno, NV to Minden NV. My 650L was the primary choices for that trip. The winter was cruddy, but doable.

There were times when I was going through washoe valley with over a foot of snow on the ground. Traffic would commonly move at about 25mph. My 650L can't track in the snow going that slow, so I'd do the speed limit, 70. I'd stay in the fast lane where no cars were travelling, and never even came close to crashing.

I worked there until the summer then had to find work closer to home.



It was 59 degrees yesterday morning in Miami.

I thought my nipples would freeze off! :thumbsup:

59? thats PERFECT!!!!!!!!

when it dips below 30°

its time to get the snowmobiles out :thumbsup:

yesterday it was -30° with windchill and we were still out there on the slopes ripping it up on the sleds. It gets hard to ride the bike with all the ice on the roads, so she only gets fired up once a week or so and ridden around the block a couple times.

i guess ill bring this back up since its been cold here. what gloves are you all using. i need something better


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