Softer 06 YZ250 forks?

Maybe this has already been addressed, but I couldn't find anything. I love the the big hits on my front forks on my 06 YZ250F but I feel every little rock and stick in the little chop. I've turned out the compression and I'm out to 4 out from standard and thats helped a little, but still feel the little stuff. If I went to a lighter fork oil would that help or would it just make it blow through the travel faster and hurt the performance in the big stuff?

I don't moto, just ride off road and I'm old so I don't need it for jumps or giant whoops. thanks in advance.

Its not that the SSS forks are too firm because they are not. These forks are just real rigid.

Starting In 05 the forks on Yamaha's went from 46mm to 48mm. The increase in thickness was to acheive more rigidness and accuracy. Sad to say but an increase in accuracy will always bring more rigidness.

I wouldnt back down on compression, as thats not gonna help much. The only cure I can think of is to use some bars that offer more flex, like pro-tape (which I think your bike came with stock anyway). How about somme tripleclamps that have the rubber bushings for the handlebars? That could help too.

Are you a heavy rider? If so, maybe you need a little less rebound, and try a little more compression. This might help keep the bike higher in the stroke, and make it feel a bit more plush. I have only heard good things about your suspension, even for a wide range of riders. Do all the adjusting you can before taking anything apart.

Well. I tend to disagree. I think the new SSS (Stole Showa's System) is valved abit on the stiffer side for what you want to do. It has alot of low speed damping plus it has a new mid valve that actually works. These things are great for slamming stuff, but for off road, I feel they could use some work.

But, you also need to address whether or not the springs are correct for you. If you are too heavy for them, the could actuall make it harsher because the forks and shock will ride too low in the stroke. And conversly, if you're too light, well, you get the picture.

try a rubber mounted clamp..or go faster through the choP!

Thanks for the replys, I'm about 195 lbs stark naked and probably what maybe 205 or 210 with all the gear on. you would think a heavier rider would would soften up the suspension a little more, but maybe thats not the case like one of you said about compressing the springs too much.

you need to change the fluid after your first ride as stated in the maintenance schedule.

I could not get mine to do anything and they were horrible compared to other 06s I had ridden. But changed out the fluid on my second ride and WOW, made a huge difference.

I use the Torco RFF 5wt. Great stuff! Be sure to measure the fluid level very carefully. The TC forks are super sensitive to oil levels.

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