rekluse override

i have the over ride on my 03 crf---just got it together---but it seems as if the override device is vurnerable to crashes---i have it on the perch---should i have it down by the motor??? :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup: feedback greatly appreciated

i have moose handgaurds but they dont look like they will protect it

Post pics!!!

I have the oveeride on my 250r and I crash alot and never had a problem.

You can see a pic in my garage. If you click on it its a big pic that shows it nicely.

thanks-for some odd reason i was leary that i put it in the wrong spot :thumbsup:

It's in the right spot. Two things to think about with it. First, check it frequently for dirt build-up. If it gets mud jammed in it from a crash it could cause the cable to bind and cause premature clutch wear. Second, you may want to play with the adjuster. I've seen a lot of people just put it on, set the initial adjustment and then ride the bike. There's nothing wrong with that but you may want to fine tune the clutch engagement. By having more silver threads showing, you are increasing the stall speed of the clutch (later engagement). It will effectively feather the clutch more before full lockup and you will also get less engine braking. Just FYI. :thumbsup:

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