power hugry

i have recently started looking into feeding my desire for more power i have seen a few kits and would like to kno what kits have done with ppl, and if they could do it over what would they do. i have just bought an "s" model in july. i ride this bike alot to school and work so makin sure its still dependable is another issue. if anyone has some information that would be great.

thanks, brandon

ok maybe i wasnt clear i want to kno about big bore kits. yes i know all about the 3x3 mods and jetting and exhaust and what not. i want to hear from people who have had kits installed on their bikes.

I'm running a MT 439 13.5:1 kit with a comp porting job on the head, kw valves, rd springs, hot cams stage 2 in and ex, full muzzy ss system. I really enjoy the power it makes, overall I think it is actually easier to ride than stock displacment and worlds better than stock off the floor.

Take it from another newbie, use the search function


Actually, island-52 was giving you the better suggestion,, wither you realized it or not :thumbsup:

But as I'm here, I have used a MT 434 kit with the 13.6:1 CR wiesco piston, and way happy with it for the few miles it lasted until the valves fell apart. (not the big bore kits fault)

and I am now running a 95mm JE 13.5 CR piston in a MT prepped cylinder. and also very happy with the work quality on the cylinder, and how it performs.

Bottom line,,, I doubt you will find anyone who has a MT prepped cylinder or BB kit that is unhappy. My suggestion is to avoid any kits that use a steel liner. Aluminum liner (if needed) and Nickel Silicon Carbide Coatings are the way to go for a verity of reasons you can find via search or direct questions.

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