Is this the same bike?

I wrote a post a few days ago titled "stuffed up", that is how my new wiz bang 2004 XR250R seemed...I was not impressed, in fact short of the trechnological advancement in suspension, handling etc, I did not think it has as much power, especialy in low end grunt as my old XL250/350 had. Sigh....but I am old school, been riding since I was about 11, I am now 51. I often dismissed teh hype (or so it seemed) over al this "uncorking" yet the motorhead in me - said that there had to be something to it. Especially for the little XR250. It sounded like a choked off trail 90. So I went for it and removed the snorkle, tossed the stock highly restictive airfilter unit, rejetted to a 135 main and installed a FMF powercore IV. Tonight I lit it off....

Nice throaty sound not too obnoxious - just repsectful. adjusted my idle..slipped on some gear while it warmed up and off I went. Immediately there was a HUGE difference! POWER! wow! it pulls hard right off the bottom and builds! I can easily loft the fronmt end in second gear witha twist of the gas and as odd as it is to seems to have a powerband hit where it really hauls the mail.a totally different bike, even the shifting (spread) seems different like you can let it build a bit between gears ... this is one of the fastest bikes I have ever ridden! ok so maybe I am easily impressed and beem lost ion time too long. But this thing is a frickin rocket! I can only imagine what the XR400 is like and or teh infamous XR600R uncorked of course!

So this weekend I move onto my 2005 XR650L and proceed to uncork it, I can only imagine what it will be like -

youv'e got a lot of X's in your life :bonk: hahhahahahaha

Kaos :thumbsup:

I am glad it all worked out for you..... :thumbsup: You seem as thrilled as I was after I made my mods...........I told it would be a night and day difference.... :bonk:

Just unbelieveable, a totally different bike, I would like to think that this is how Honda intended it to run in the first place - but afterthe EPA gets done with them, well you end up with the restricted, choked off underpowered XR250. I could even loft it in 3rd gear (at the crest of a hill) and walk it for maybe 20 yards easily, set it down and bite into fourth an hang on!

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