Does anyone have a private track?

Does anyone have a private track, within a 2 hour drive of vancouver area, that I can ride.I am getting sick of longview and hinsight is too busy on saturdays, I just want to practice my jumping, even if you have just a couple jumps in a horse arena or whatever let me know, im not looking for a freebee I will pay.

let me know thanks.

Just gotta wait for better weather. Normally feb. gives us the first outdoor rides...........

Sheesh, you posted your reply at 12:26pm? Working hard I see. And you give me a hard time about sitting in front of the computer!!!

It's all about the multi-tasking!......

My neighbors hate my track.

You start at the end of my driveway and run the length of it. Then a hard left through the neighbors apple orchard, about 30 ft to the ditch jump where you can either double double double through the trailer park, or triple triple. Up to you, then a right into the hay pasture through the whoops. (other neighbors freshly bundled hay) and around the announcers tower. (horse corral) Next you have to jump the country road (if you ride across you will get a ticket) and into the third neighbors pear orchard. Left, right, left, right, left, right zig zag through there and soon, you'll be at the table top. The table top is my fourth neighbors barn, its not in use anymore so we use it as part of the track. All out, no holding back, you can probably turn about a 2 min lap time.. :thumbsup:

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