1980 Honda Z50 ?

Just got a 1980 Z50 given to me. It needs alot of help . It is missing the seat,ignition coil,all the plastic,gas cap and probably some other little stuff. I am just wondering if it is worth fixing up or not ?

It still turns over,not alot of compression but at least it is not stuck.



Hell ya!!

You could fix it up with newer made parts, and use it as a pitbike or restore it and make alot of money! Depends what shape its in!

Can you send me a pick of the other side of the bike ? Where did you get your seat from ? I also need an ignition coil , any ideas ? How about the same coil on other small Hondas ?

Thanks so Much,


Can anyone show me a pic of the ignition coil and the bracket ?

There is also a bracket on the left side below the seat , it kinda looks like a battery bracket but I think it might be the bracket to hold the oval numberplate . Am I correct ?



Yes, that bracket is for the number plate.

The coil mounts up under the seat, i believe....thru the frame.....atleast my 81' does

The coil mounts to the frame under the seat with two nuts. The Z50r's never had a battery. The coil connects at two places, to the wire coming out of the engine, and to the spark plug. The kill switch connects to the ground and the to the wire coming out of the engine. That's pretty much everything you need to know about the wiring for your bike. I have a lot of parts but the only thing I have that you need is the gas cap. If you need any guidance, PM me and I'll help. If you want a Honda factory manual, download it from here and then print it out.


Thanks so much for the download site . I took the flywheel off tonight, filed the points, and installed the CT70 coil . I haven't cleaned the carb yet but I did shoot some starting flid down the sparkplug hole, and the dang thing fired right up !

Tell ya what, you can't beat an old Honda ! I am serious !



Have fun!

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