Some Pictures

Hey all. I know I'm still pretty new around here so I thought I'd share some pictures including one of my 110. I just got a 06 Yamy 450 so when it's warm enough(stupid iowa winters) I'll get some of that too. Enjoy, :thumbsup:

You don't have to replace your tires very often do you :bonk::thumbsup:

Nice air :thumbsup:

Sweet pics.... :thumbsup:

Nice air. Is that your own practice track?

Now those pics look like so serious Air time and alot of fun, How far is that jump in the 2nd pic ??

Looks like your having lots of fun, and some good hang time, but go to chat to get to know people better, see you around.

:thumbsup: NICEEE AIRR! :bonk:
Nice air :thumbsup:

I second that! Looks like a nice place to ride!

Crazy KYLE Kerns tearin up the PITS!

Hey what's up waldo? Good to see you on here. Thanks for the comments guys, no it's not my track but I live close by, it has a little bit of everyting. Not sure how big the jumps are but they are alot of fun.

sweet pics man, nice air

Nice pics man, impressive air! :thumbsup:

Sweet pics, love that jump in the woods, nice 110 too.

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