anybody seen this tee shirt?

I saw a guy wearing it a a national race, IT said something to this effect.

soccer,basketball,baseball, all use one ball, motocross takes 2.

If you know where I can get one let me know, my son is dying to get one.

no bot now ive heard about it, i want one to:)

I've seen them for wrestling.

pics of soccer/football/baseball on the front. And underneath "The others play with 'em"

Also I've seen the same shirt as you except for wrestling.

that shirt sounds awsome! now i want one!

learn to airbrush and make your own.

me want one.

I've seen a few of those referring to other sports. Haven't seen one for mx. Try ebay. There's a lot of t-shirt printers on there.

I think I saw one in a Dennis Kirk catalog a long time ago. X-Treme made the shirt I believe. I can't find that particular one on the current dennis kirk website though, but here's a link to a bunch more:

Dennis Kirk X-treme t-shirts

common guys anyone else?

i think rocky mt has them

I think they have at in

i looked and didnt find any,,,,i may have missed it,,,if anyone finds one let us all know :thumbsup:

Someone does a similar shirt here in SA, goes something like this........"Cricket, Soccer, Tennis & Rugby is played with balls provided, MX'ers bring their own"

i have seen a shirt with a saying like that, now i also want one.

No fear

That T-shirt is available at the Fire Police MX website in there store. Great shirt. The website is


damn they don't have my size i was gonna buy one for sure

Thats the oldest shirt slogan on the planet.

Its from '93 or so when Kiedrowski was #1!! haha..

I think Malcom Smith Racing* originaly came out with it.

** Malcom Smith Racing = MSR :thumbsup:

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