Bailey Graphics!!!


Right on, those are totaly 80's!

OMG!!! those are the best graphics i heve EVER seen! Where can you get them?

That is one sweet looking CRF!

That's awesome. I remember when David was hurt at Huron, and they transferred him to Valley Med in San Jose. I used to bring him cookies my mom made and Cycle News. Even being in his condition, he was still talkative and in good spirits. What a great guy! And those graphics are just plain Siiiiick!

I like!

That is ill!!!! I like that batter than the elsinor graphics.

Very cool.Understated but with class.Looking for new look that is a possability.

Sick looking!!!!

Best retro graphics ever :thumbsup:

That is propper cool. I can't find anyone selling them though? I can only find info about the Trooper lid, anyone know anyone who is selling the graffix/seat?


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