4 stroke pipe question

Maybe you guys can help me get it straight. On a 2 stroke it seems like you change the header part of pipe with an after market header for performance gains whil the silencer isn't as important....but on a 4 stroke you change the silencer for max gains while the header isn't as important. Is this true? Also is the pro circuit exhaust the way to go on the 06 KXF? I tend to trust Mitch but who knows.

sorta true, the silencer does do alittle on a 2 stroke but the header is the main thing, but on the four stroke you can get the lowboy (pc) header that adds bottom, or theres the powerbomb(fmf), and theres the normal (pc) system, but yes the muffler does the most on a thumper but the header depending on which one, does do alot also. i have pc gp lowboy on my rmz.

Thanks, the reason I'm asking is for cost of course. If most of the gain comes from silencer maybe I'll try to get away with not buying complete exhaust.

get the complete system...most pipes use a better design than stock..they use a step system..smaller than getting larger to the rear while still trying to keep alot of back pressure for low end...just get a complete system you'll gain more from it

OK, I'll get the complete pro circuit. Maybe I can get it in aluminum instead of titanium to keep cost down

I just got thr PC ss heaser & silencer for my 06,I still need to check the jetting etc...,but dam it seems to be so much more responsive ,I paid 538$ ,as far as I know the ti is just lighter,as copaired to stock ,the ss alu seems to be the same,hope it helps and good luck :thumbsup:

ya TI vs ss wont give u any performance and its hardley any weight differnce...PM me i can get u a deal on any pipe

yep definitely buy full system, even though it is mostly the silencer i would reccommend a full system.

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