Which truck?

Alright, I am currently trying to make up my mind between a truck and a streetbike. Truck obviousley can haul my bike, and I can ride a streetbike anytime. If I were to get a truck (full size) which one should I get? I want it to be able to haul 2 bikes with a LOT of room to spare. I would not want to spend more than 5-7k. I am not brand loyal. I am just trying to figure out what my possibilities are.

Great; here goes... Do a search; this topic has been discussed many times over.

By full size are you talking half ton or full ton? I'd look for a nice used 97-03 Ford F-150 if half ton if you get an older one I think you could find it for that price. If not one of those I'd take a look at the Dodge 1500's there seem to be some good deals on trucks right now around here atleast due to gas prices. I wish I'd waited a year until I bought mine.

i got a MINT GMC 1500 4x4 8ft bed for $900. if you look in your local bargainnews you are bound to find something good for cheap

If you want ALOT of room to spare, you better be looking into something like this..


I've seen some really good deals on Fords. I was looking at new and used diesels at dealerships, and of course they always try to sell you something on the lot, and 1 guy tried to sell me a 2wd short bed f150. With my little story aside, it only had 70-80k or something and was about 6500 bucks, in good shape. If I didn't need a 4x4 3/4ton I would've been all over it. So they are out there, and not that expensive. I'd say look for a 1/2 ton, fleet pickup. We've had good luck with those. Actually picked up an f150 with 30k for 8grand some years ago. So thats probably your best bet.

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