Which is better for the 110s BBR pipe or Bills pipe or Dr.d or yoshi??

I am gettina pipe finally for my drz 110 and im nto sure what im gettin.

I want to get the best one,! BBR pipe or Bills pipe or Dr.d or yoshi are the pipes i most heard talked about. I heard most of those pipes are good but iwant the best one of them plz help.. thanks

is your bike stock or modded?if your bike is stock try the fmf or yoshi both good for stock motor.i have a 03 and bought the fmf ,it worked good definatly more bottom end power.i reciently went with the tagawa stage 3 kit and the fmf didnt do much.i bought the two bros pipe and the bike came to life.for stock motor the fmf is a good choice but not for modded motor.the yoshi is a good choice or two bros for modded motor.dont know about the bills pipe i have not used one and havnt seen anyone with one so dont know if there good or not.good luck in what you choose :thumbsup:

We added a Two Brothers pipe to our stock bike. Made a huge difference, bolt on and go!

I know a couple of guys that ran fmf and yoshi and they made good power. I run a t4 and another buddy of mine runs two brothers and they produce quite a bit more power than fmf or yoshi. There is a very noticable difference in headpipe size. The fmf and yoshi look to be a splooch bigger than stock then step two or three times later down the pipe. The t4 and tb have a very large headpipe they only step up once a foot or so down the pipe. The drd also has a very small diamater. The pipes with smaller head pipe diamater seem to make a litttle more snappyier low end power but die off top end. The t4 an tb scream top end a really crank when you open them up. I guess it depends what you want for power. I know in a drag race the t4 and tb spank the skinnys and all of the bikes have the same done, pipe ,air filter, jetting. Another very large diamater pipe is classic honda. MONSTER. If you plan in the future to go with a big bore I would not go with fmf, yoshi, or drd. :applause:

we own 2 drz-110 and we found the best that work for us ,stockand143tbr,

was pro-circuit. thats my,first choice.2 is CHP exhaust,3 choice,BBR-D-SECTION.

these will make you happy on the track!!!! :excuseme:

The Pro Circuit will make you happy, and also on the track

It is the best pipe for modified- and stock engines.

Pro Circuit was my choice :excuseme:

I put a pro circuit T-4 exhaust also and it runs great with jetting and Uni filter. It is also very loud but I always know where my son is !

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