Alternative YZF Tank

I want to replace the stock WR tank on my 400. I found some 426 YZF tanks on Ebay, but if I can get new I want to go that route.

Acerbis and IMS appear to only sell large capacity tanks. Does anyone make an OEM replacement for the YZ426 in stock capacity?

Thanks! has them they run about $170 and you can get it in any color you want.

you need the seat and plastics too i think

Can any won post pic's of the Clarke and Acerbis tanks? From the top and side? I am pondering a new a tank also and am down to thees 2. I did some searches but couldn't come up with any pic's. The Clarke at 2.8 would work for me, but if the Acerbis is ergonomically better. I would consider that one.

I'd recommend you go with an aftermarket replacement as the stockers have a history of being prone to cracking.

I'm using a oversized clarke and am very happy with it except the ergos doesnt exactly let you sit right up in front. I could get a clarke oem replica if i wanted better ergos but i'm better off having more fuel since i currently only ride trails.

My friend's using the Acerbis oversized and it lets you sit up front, then there's the possibility your jewels collide with the fuel cap if you slip up. :thumbsup:

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