Too much power

I picked up a used KX60 for my son, I knew this wasn't a good bike for a beginer but it was a great deal. The bike is a real rocket, I'm a big boy, over 250lbs and all it wants to do is wheelies even with me on it. If I put smaller pilot and main jet in it would this help tame it down some, or may be a differnt carb ? Right now my son just idles around on it and it really slobbering alot of fue and oil out the tail pipe .He's affaid of running out of gas- it ran lean and took off on him once. We are also looking at small tumpers like the CRF70 to the KLX110, the 110 is kinda big for him but if i could tame the KX it would be less money.

Please advise, THX

Unless I'm mistaken (I get the 60 & 65 confused) that bike is designed for ONE thing......WOT racing. Maybe burned can help you with this, but I think that you are stuck with the situation. My stepson had one, and you are right.....It goes HARD when the power comes on. Good luck. Hope you get some good news.

im afraid its just simply the wrong bike.

im afraid its just simply the wrong bike.

Agreed. You actually have a VERY sought-after bike in your hands, and should have no trouble selling it. I would suggest that you advertise it and replace it with something more "tame" for your son. That bike is a real handfull. Not for inexperienced riders at all.

i agree,you should be able to sell and get something more suited.

We picked up a 03 XR70, We rode all day Saturday day, He loves his new bike, and runs it hard (always in front of big brother and his TTR125) I bet he will be wanting the KX by the end of summer, I got to talk his Mom into keeping it.


thats exactly what i would have done.

i agree,he will want the kx befroe you know it.

the xr70 will be easy to resell.

My son went from a PW80 to a KX60. He adapted to the new level of power with no problem. One thing we need to remember when us adults test ride these little rocket bikes, our weight helps get better traction resulting in wheelies. With a 70 lb. kid on it, the back wheel spins instead of the out of control wheelie. So it might not be as much of an issue as you think.

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