cylinder head/carb?best bang for the buck.

i want to upgrade the head on my crf 50 motor.i already have a the takegawa 88cc kit with 18mm carb.

which cylinder head and carb should i be looking at.

Kitaco 124 SE motor kit or atleast throw the Kitaco SE head on ur 88 kit and that thing will Rip! Mikuni 24mm Flatslide carb to, they are awesome u get the best of both worlds. Throttle response and REV with that carb!

Checkout this website! It has all the good stuff! :thumbsup:

i will call them.i dont see the head lsited seperate.

anyone else?

whats different about that 88cc kit from the kit i already have besides the head? -- this has 23mm intake, 20mm exhaust. Very similar to the Trail Bikes unit. Half the price.

Dont forget you'll want to grab a domed piston while your at it, to keep your compression up. Grab that from Tb, or dratv:

You'll also want to pickup a CAM for the race head from TB

Then I would pick up a 20-24mm carb from TB.

Nothing is different except the piston and head, You're running a flat top piston for the stock head.

thats exactly what im after! thanks.

what size the stock 88cc piston?51 or 52mm?

52 mm for an 88! I forgot about DR. ATV the chinese knock off stuff! My buddy has a 120 and the thing is friggen stupid fast! :thumbsup:

thanks,saves me from tearing down the motor before i order parts.

NP Burned! U come on here and help everybody under the sun with motor and jetting questions and I think that is really cool! So in return Im willing to try and help somebody that has questions on things that I know pretty good to! :thumbsup:

Burned, if you REALLY wanna have fun...

Grab the TB 51mm crank and stick it in. The TB crank is nice because it maintains the same pin/deck height as the Honda 12v 41.4mm crank, letting you use 52mm 88kit pistons to build stupid high compression 108cc monsters. : ) Think a healthy 13.3:1 using a TB 88kit 11:1 piston. : )

That should work well. If you want to push it, ask for the 88kit piston for the higher compression I mentioned earlier. You will of course have to watch for pinging and adjust your gas to match.

i am at 5500 ft.the added compression will be fine.

i will post dyno graphs when im done (in house dyno).

thanks for the tip.

i am at 5500 ft.the added compression will be fine.

i will post dyno graphs when im done (in ohuse dyno).

thanks for the tip.

Awesome.. Cant wait to see the data..

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