How to make jumps?

How do you make dirt jumps? My buddy has a rather large piece of property and we have access to a bobcat. I was wondering how to make jumps out of dirt. Dirt won't be a problem to get as we have friends that own their own pool company and are constantly wondering how to get rid of their dirt. :thumbsup: So my question is how do you push dirt with a bobcat and make a jump or a double, tabletop, etc? Is it as easy as just pushing it together and riding a little on it to groom the slope of the jump?

In this case just have your buddies dump the dirt where ever you want to place a jump or obstacle. The key is to pack everything repeatedly and water everything in layers. {Ex. get the base down (length and width of the obstacle) and water/pack, let dry} Do this repeatedly throughout the process and whatever you do, DO NOT fill the jump with anything but dirt (Ex. no concrete/rock chunks, grass, branches,logs, etc.) Just make sure you pack and water excessivley or else the obstacle will deteriorate extremely quickly. As for lips and landing, you just have to experiment with the angles until you find what works.

damn! you got the bobcat, the extra land, the dirt just waiting to be give away... you have everything at your fingertips! sorry i dont know how, but i was wondering how as well. we might be trying it some time on some property near by.

Yeah, we would have to borrow the bobcat but my buddies would be more than willing to give us the dirt. I would just need to tell them where to put it. They have the dump truck and everything.

So I guess we would dump a single layer of dirt down and water it good, let it dry and repeat until we have a decent size jump? Is that the process?

Yep sounds like you got it. You do not let each layer dry completley before adding the next though. Just thoroughly water one layer (until it starts puddling) and let it dry to the point that it looks moist or damp, and then proceed to add the next layer.

Good luck with a Bobcat, it's a lot of work. I spent 10 hours building/repairing our local track, I was lucky the dump trucks showed up and I smoothed out the piles. Doubles were easy if you've ridden enough tracks you can just look at the approach and landings. The tabletops plain SUCKED, I never really realized how much dirt it toke to build and 85'er.

Pushing isn't easy, bobcats don't have enough ass, can you get a small dozer? Also watch the faces of the jumps using a bobcat it can roll over. I had to balance mine out with the bucket. Good Luck!

I always found I spent a lot more time working on my track than riding on it, but it's nice having a place in your backyard.

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