What other maintenance should I do to my WR400F?

I got new rear wheel bearings, Maxxis IT Rear Tire, IRC Heavy Duty Tube, 2 Renthal 14/47 sprockets, Renthal 520 Gold O-Ring Chain, Blue Fork Guards, Guts Blue/Black Pleasure Line Tall Seat Foam Cover! :bonk:

I'm waiting on these items to come: MSR Blue Chain Guide, MSR Chain Rub Plate, MSR Rear Disc Guard/Shark Fin, new sprocket boltsTN Magnetic Drain Plug, 6 UNI Airbox Vents, Muffler packing and Blue Side Panels! :thumbsup:

What else should I change out? Shock Bearings, Steering Bearings etc. :thumbsup:

I scrub & wash, change the oil, clean and change oil filter, clean air filter and change spark plug!

Should I change the Shock Oil, Brake Fluid etc.

Lube cables. :thumbsup:

Don't forget locktite on sprocket bolts.

I would go through all of the bearings in the swing arm and linkage....... If they haven't beem replaced before it may be time, atleast pack some fresh grease in.

Check the steering stem bearings, I hope their good, I just replaced mine and the bottom one is a MF'er :thumbsup: to get off.........

Lube and check cables, have you re-routed your CCV hose?

Check valve clearance!

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