XR650R usd forks

Hi just wondering i have just been given complete front forks and triple clamps off a 2002 CRF450 but no wheel,axle or caliper. If i buy a crf axle can i find some bearings to match the axle diameter and my xr650r hub, also will the caliper bolt straight up. Thanks


Congrats on the goodies. You can buy bearings in almost all nominal sizes, that shouldn't be a problem. However, I wouldn't think the XR caliper would bolt to the CRF forks, maybe, but I wouldn't know. There is tons of CRF stuff on Ebay, I would think a caliper/rotor would be easy to find. Check this out too, I know you said you have the clamps, but the steering stem and steering stops will not be the same either...

http://www.emigracing.com/ scroll down until you see the XR650/CR fork conversion.

I did an USD conversion on my 650 a couple of years ago using new Cannondale spec Ohlins forks. The outside diameter is the same size as the CRF so I was able to use that style triple clamp. The lower steering stem bearing is the same size as the 650 so that was a direct fit. The stops on lower clamp had to be modified (grind) to make them work with the 650 steering head. The upper clamp needed a little grinding on the bottom center to get proper thread engagement for the top nut. I used a CRF front hub assembly and brake disc with spokes and laced that to my XR rim as well as using the CRF axle and nut. I had to fabricate my own wheel spacers to get the wheel to center up between the forks but I think that was just because I didn't have Honda forks. My XR front brake caliper bolted right up but I did need to shim it about the thickness of a washer to center it up on the disc. I am extremely happy with the final result and have not had any problems during the 4k dual sport miles since.

I just finished this exercise a few months ago. Here is what I can tell you. The XR uses a 17mm axle and the CR uses a 20mm axle. There are no easy bearing swaps available to make the XR wheel work with the CR setup. The bearings don't exist. You need the CR wheel hub. The cheapest way to go is what the previous poster said. Yeah you might have to lathe up a few spacers, but other than that it is easy.

I'm having trouble finding a 21" CR wheel that won't break the bank. I have 17" on my Ohlin's USD's right now. I want a dirt setup, but most 21" CR wheels are going for $150-$200 on ebay. Ouch.

Are you going to sell your stock forks? If so, PM me, I might be interested.


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