Boysen Accel Pump mod??

Do I need this on a my '06 YZ450??

I haven't seen anything posted on it here.


Mine has excellent throttle response, no bog anywhere. If it did I think I would try jetting first. Fixed it with a smaller leak jet on the WR. Way cheaper. JMO

It helped incredibly on my 250. I couldnt see getting any better throttle response out of my 450. I did however jet the 450. 170 main, 48pilot.

If I remember correctly, the 06 450F comes with a 45 leak jet, which is about where you want it to be based on past experience (40). I was going to put my boysen pump on also, but have been more than happy with the acceleration. I haven't notice a bog yet.

Someone posted a mod to the Accelerator pump adjuster with wiretie - :thumbsup:

this would do the same - anyone have this info to post?


If your bike has a bog or hesitation anywhere, you will love it.

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