Rattle in engine

Hello i have a 2002 WR 426F, I have just put a standard tailpipe on it as when i got it it had an after market one on it .

Now its quiter i can hear a rattle in the engine , its done 2500 Kms

Also whats the best engine oil to use..


One last thing the engine and gearbox oil is one? :thumbsup:

The rattle is normal. All the oil engine and tranny oil are the same. Don't worry about the rattle. These things have loud motors. I was concerned the first time I heard it to. Don't worry about it. She's all good :thumbsup:

Yea I think you can hear the valves and cam on most 426's.

Hay Mate,

I have had the best luck with Motul 10w-40w semi syn. If you want to save a little money than Rotel 10W-40w works just as well. You can get that at your local tractor or deisel shop. Good luck with your new perchace.

Thanks for your help and info..

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