Battery removal Clarification??

I have read a ton of post's on removing the battery and e-start on the Wr. I just read a post that said the WR runs on AC and only uses DC to charge the battery. If this is true then If I remove all the e-start and battery it should run fine, which it does. I also read that doing this can burn up my voltage regulator??? I am getting confused.

Do I need a "battery eliminator Capacitor" if I am not running lights or e-start?

the guys at Vortex say that I need a battery for their Ign to work properly on my model. If this is true will the Capacitor work as well?

05-06 need a capacitor which you can buy through Baja Designs.

04-03 can just be grounded to the frame.

Why do you guys take off the electric starters and batteries? I would love to have the magic button, isn't it worth the extra pounds?

For MXers, the pounds matter, and you can get the battery out and make more room to suck up air for the engine.

I am tangling with this issue right now on my 03 WR. I removed lights, starter and battery, grounded the regulator and no spark. I put the battery back it and it runs but now it run pretty bad without lights hooked up. Dont know what is going on. I even bought a battery eliminator and still no spark, seemed straight forward to hook up, positive to positive, negative to negative. Cant figure out what gives. I know that what ever is going on has to do with the electrical and how it is effecting my CDI.

I figured out my problem, maybe it will help you. when I removed the starter I left the negative wire that was bolted to the starter post loose and taped it up with the positive wire (not together) to keep it out of the way. Duh! this the main ground for the system. Bolt it back down, problem solved.

I took all of my stuff of to convert it to a Supermoto bike. I have a 2006 WR for the trails. I have found that the Vortex ignition is different than the stock unit. It has power as long as the switch is on. If you eliminate the starter and tie the on\off button to always on the Vortex box is powered up ALL the time. I wire my old light switch in place of the stock on\off switch and eliminated the kill switch. This seems to work fine.

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