Lifan 200cc engine

I have noticed that most of the discussions on Lifan bikes / engines (good and bad) have been in this section of TT, so that's why I'm here.

I just received a 200cc Lifan engine today that I purchased on eBay. I plan to install it in a 1985 Honda XR350 rolling chassis. After a "once over" of the engine, I see that the $400 I paid was not in vain, but only time will tell if the engine runs ok, and lasts awhile. Heck, if it runs for 2 or 3 years with little problems, then blows up, I'll just buy another!

I don't plan to do any heavy racing, or test the limits of this engine. It will be used mostly for barn yard / light duty trail riding, so I have reason to believe it will last a good long time.

I have a few questions, and hope some of you that have these bikes can help me out.

The XR350 has a 520 rear sprocket. The Lifan came with a 428 on the counter shaft. Is there a Honda 520 front sprocket that fits the Lifan counter shaft? Is there room for a 520 chain on the Lifan? Or should I go with 428?

Do you know if the exhaust system for a CRF150/230 will fit this engine, with little to no modifications? Or will I have to make an exhaust from front to back?

The carb is a Kinzo brand. It looks like a Keihin clone. I understand these engines are jetted on the lean side, and I know I'm going to want to go richer. Do Keihin main jets fit these carbs? The main jet in the Kinzo is not marked with a size, or not that these old eyes can see, so what would be a good starting point for a jet?

The engine number starts with a 163. Is that the short or long stroke?

And lastly, is there a wiring diagrame on the internet some where?

All I will need to buy is a chain and sprocket, clutch cable, make the exhaust or retro fit one, a battery, make motor mounts, and find a used dual sport headlight and tail light. I figure for under $600 total, I'll have a like new trail bike, with a much better frame and suspension then the Chinese bikes.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Thanks Pullin, looks like I have the short stroke. (I was hoping for the long stroke). That's a nice wiring diagram. I wonder why that thread didn't come up on a search? I must not have used the correct wording.

I replaced a tired xr200 motor with the lifan. Some comments the cases might be a tad thicker as clearance in some places was tighter. Whats the extra bulge on the front lower case? Perhaps a counterbalancer. I cant get any spark and have had really poor examples of wiring diagrams. Any help would be appreciated

"Do you know if the exhaust system for a CRF150/230 will fit this engine, with little to no modifications? Or will I have to make an exhaust from front to back?"

Probably the xr200 exhaust will work. You should be able to find them. Also there is xr200 counter sprockets available in 520. I would try one of those first. My old xr200 had a 520 chain on it.

does any one know where to get 200cc lifans for cheaper than $410

hay I have a 520 front sprocket for the Lifan200 cc 14 tooth I will trade for a 428 sptocket

I installed a 150cc Lifan 161FMJ in my '83 XL200R. Like yours, it was supplied with a 428 14T front sprocket which I changed to a 14T 520 from JT. You have to remove some metal from the sprocket cover for clearance of increased diameter. I changed the rear sprocket to a 40T for road use, and this involved purchase of Kimpex 006101 (listed for '83 ATC250) and machining the bore to 64mm.) Wiring was a bit tricky. has helpful diagrams, also look up electric schematic for Lifan Gy200 (?) motorcycle. Note that the '83 XL200r Honda used un-rectified AC coil for headlight, the Lifan is a true 12 volt DC system, employs a larger battery and electric starting. I rewired my XL and it works well now.

I am working on a Lifan 200/KLX 250 conversion. I bored an XR 200 sprocket, and turned down the Lifan sprocket, and welded them togther with some offset. I used an XR 200 kicker. The XR 200 headpipe doesn't quite fit right. Most of the fab work is done, except for a straight shot intake manifold, so I can use the KLX airboot and airbox. I have a wiring schematic, and I'm going to eliminate all the excess garbage from the wiring harness.

Exhaust header advice sought: '83 XL200R frame with Lifan installed. Stock Honda exhaust pipe flange at head end is rusted, rotted and broken... Posts here suggest that CRF 150/230 pipe can be adapted? I wondered if anyone has tried to repair/replace this flange? Original Honda muffler is functional, just the "front" end of pipe deteriorated...thanks!

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