old trashed cylinders wanted.

hey guys, my dads friend has a really nice machine shop and he has recently started making two stroke cylinder heads, like the phathead brand, but any ways, he also wants to start making big bore kits for 4 strokes, so if any of you guys have some old trashed siezed cylinders i could have, we are gonna bore them and put sleeves in. i would of course pay for S&H, we need some so we can start testing. :thumbsup:

thanks guys.

I have a 450 cylender that has had the nikisil cracked off and all it needs is to be plated. For that reason I would have to get some money for it. If your intrested let me know.

A cylinder in reusable condition should be worth something, particularly if it's just simple wear without any damage, or scoring. A new one for a 450 will cost $200 with a good price break, and a 250F sells for $130 or so. Luke's charges $200 or the core if you have no cylinder to send in. It isn't appropriate, IMO, to ask someone to give away something of value without offering something in return.

I have an '01 YZ250F cylinder that is worn to the point of needing a bore job, but has no significant damage, especially if you're going to bore it 2mm over or sleeve it. Since you're a startup operation, I'd be willing to let you have it for $50 + shipping. PM me if you want it.

diode 663, how much for your cylinder? someone is giving me one from a 450, but i guess i would probably be willing to pay some cash. or ofcourse if all goes well and we get something going i would gladly give you store credit!

A cylinder has to be pretty badly damaged for the plating companies to not be able to repair. ie...rod thru the wall. ANY cylinder is worth something...Tdub

yeah, he had a con rod take out a big chunk, but we can try to fix anything. its worth a try.

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