MOTOMAN393 Video *******

I posted this in the video and Motoman forum but thought the YZF forum should see it too. MxMike Productions made the video some time ago and I just reposted it.

Most of you "old timer" TT members know about Garrett Berg "Motoman393". He still influences this forum because of his knowledge of the YZF has been passed on. As you know he was killed in a riding accident on 9-22-02 aboard his brand new 2003 YZ450F.

Check out the video. It is awesome. And check out the forum dedicated to Garrett here on TT if you get the chance. Also I posted a link to his website.....a must have for any YZ426F owner.

Roost on Motoman!

Motoman393 Video

Garrett M Berg Memorial Forum

Motoman 393 Website

Your video link takes us to a parts website with high prices. Almost $85 for a Dunlop?

oops....sorry it's fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

Cool video Satch, thanks for the re-post.

For some reason, when I go to Putfile, it says "file done" but there is no image....any help as to why this happens?

as long as you have Windows Media Player installed it should work....

Man, that guy was having fun! Good video.

Your video link takes us to a parts website with high prices. Almost $85 for a Dunlop?

Dang Satch big pimping $85 for a tire@!

cool's funny how video makes jumps look smaller.

Dang Satch big pimping $85 for a tire@! you was an accident. HOWEVER...funny part is that place is selling a tire to someone right now! :thumbsup:

Cool video. It looks like he was a very fast rider.

Thanks for that Satch, I had not seen that video yet,

MotoMan393 was a HUGE influence on this site, and was always willing to share knowledge, he helped me with several things like the BK Mod (now the MotoMan393 Mod) among other things when I first got my 426.

I miss that guy a lot and think about him all the time.

What a true asset to this community he was and still is.

Cool Vid. WIsh I could be that smooth.

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