Convert WR450 to a YZ?

I've been thinking about motocross racing bikes, I raced quads and that was fun but now i want to try something new. I was wondering if it would be possible to make my wr more like a yz with suspension and engine work? I can't afford to go buy a yz (i work at the local grocery store lol) or else i would and at the time when i bought the bike i wasn't interested in racing. any tips????? :thumbsup: any way to make the bike lighter?

starter/batt removal=13 lbs less,this allows the use of a yz airbox=1 lb less,yz rear fender= 1lb less,lightwt sprocket,ti exhaust,on up to ti spring and axle/bolt kits,it goes on and on just depends on how far you want to take it. i took over 20 lbs off my 04 wr450 and the difference was amazing :thumbsup:

Remove all the enduro stuf, side stand etc. Change the exhaust cam to a YZ cam or Hot Cams. Full race exhaust, DrD. YZ number plate/rear fender fits perfectly. Revalve/spring suspension ($700.00). Aluminum rear sprocket, remove starter and battery. Close to YZ weight with a 5 speed trans and heavier flywheel.

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