230 or 250?

hey im looking to buy a bike and dont know if i should go with a 230 or 250. im 15 years old 5'10 and 160.

Is this your first bike? Pretty much either way with your age, height and weight. I would go with the 250. I had the 230 for my first bike but after 6 months, I found the need for more power and better suspension. The 250 is going to be a better bike for you in the longrun. However, it is a Race bike, which is going to require race maintnence. If you have any mechanical knowladge at all , it really shouldnt be a problem for you. If not, you can always learn like I did.

Good Luck :thumbsup:

The 230 is a trail bike, the CRF250 is a motocross bike. Big difference in power and suspension.

What will you be riding? MX, trails, woods, etc?

trails and woods to start out because thats right down the road from me then once i get used to it ill go to the tracks and stuff

neither. go with the crf 250x. wayy better first bike. toned down and easy to learn on like the 230, but lighter and better suited to a guy your size. even for woods riding.

alright thanks bro

I second the CRF250X. It was made for trails and would suit your riding needs much better.

i THIRD the 250x. it will be the best bike for you.

get the 250 if your planing on racing later on stick with the 250 not the X but the R :thumbsup:

Dont look at the 230 at all. They are an ok bike but you wil be looking to sell it in about 3 months. Then you wont be able to sell it at all because no one really wants those bikes, Believe me I just went through this whole process and its not fun. I finally sold my 230 and am now ready to buy a fresh 06'

250 for sure i started out on a 150 for my first bike and within a couple rides i was ready for a bigger and more power bike

I agree i hade the 150 and i wanted somethink with more power in less than 2 months. :thumbsup:

I had my 230 for 2 months and was ready for something with better suspension and more power. I originally got the 230 because of seat height because I am vertically challenged at 5'2". But, I moved up to the 250 and have no problems. I love the power and it is a much smoother ride.

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