XR650L Rear Rack and Bag

Finally finished Rear Rack for the "L", now if the new tail light would just arrive. Rack is 316SS, 1/2" square stock, painted with Hammer finish. Made so that original tool bag stays in place, and the new Moose bag mounts behind. Also finished bobbing front fender 4.5" and drilling and screening back of fender for cooling. This forum is a great place for ideas. Thanks for the help. See my garage for pictures of all Mods



Nice work! I like the screen in the fender idea. Was it you that built the rack?

Nice work! I like the screen in the fender idea. Was it you that built the rack?

x2. Very nice.

Do you have any pics from the top, with the bag removed?

I fabrication costs are reasonable, you could make/sell those

for some extra $$$. :thumbsup:

Yeah, I built the rack, no pictures without the bags, but I will have them off for wiring the new tailight, and will shoot one from the top and post, hopefully the light will be here this next week. mean while, here are a couple from the top and bottom with bags.



nice rack! I noticed you have that epoxy floor coating. i have 2 boxes (2 kits) of that same color. any advise on laying it down? any problems you had applying coat? going to do it in a month or two. any advise is appr. thanx :thumbsup:

No advice, just followed the direction and it goes down, great, haven't had any problems. Don't wait, just do it, makes cleanup a breeze, this picture is in my garage, shop has the same finish without the speckles.

thanks i will soon be coating!

I like the fender idea, looks like it'll work well. Any pics of the chopped fender out front, im think'n of doing something similar, or going with a xr400r fender. Nice work man!!

Very clean bike!!

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