Knee brace for total knee replacement

Three years ago I had my left knee replaced.Two years ago I started riding again. The knee brace from my doctor is a elastic brace with metal hinged rods on both sides of the brace. It does not have a patela cup. Is ther any brace you can recomend that would give me good support and protection? I trashed my knee from a wrestling injury in 1979 and by distant running. I fast walk on a treadmill and ride a life cycle every other day. I am not over weight and in good shape. Thanks, Paul J Aragon

You need a sports brace probably. Look into DonJoy braces as all my patients really like them. However, did your doctor clear you to do high impact sports with that knee? Most doctors I know of that do total knees do not have patients run or do any high impact activities or kneel on the knee after the surgery because the knee is not designed for that impact. If you are young (under 58 for a knee replacement) then you really need to consider this because you really can only have one more revision(replacement) and then that's it. You might want to get Dr. Marks advice on doing high impact sports with a total knee. :thumbsup:

I have a question. What is the purpose of a sports brace in a total knee patient? The cruciate ligaments have been replaced by the prosthesis, so surely you don't need to protect them.

If the brace is designed to avoid hyperextension, and the femur fractures just above the prosthesis, as commonly happens in off road motorcycling, the athlete will be lucky to get out of the whole thing without an above the knee amputation.

Further the brace does nothing to dissapate the impact loading which is highly detremental to the bone-cement-prosthesis interfaces.

I would wear a neoprene knee sleeve. Over that I would wear my shin protector with a clamshell over tha patella. That will avoid penetrating injuries and patella fractures, in the patella which has been weakened by prothesis insertion.

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