wr450 exhaust cam in a wr426??

Has anyone tried this yet to get the autocompression? I've seen the post on the yz450 to wr426 but I didn't notice anything on the wr to wr. Most of the yz to wr state that they lose the midrange hit. Would the wr keep the hit and just add the auto? Not sure if I want to go the yz route but just looking for options-seems like a lot of people have problems with getting the jetting straight with the yz change-just wondering if there is another way.



I haven't done it yet, but I just ordered an '03 WR cam for my '99 WR400. I talked to the shop owner, and fellow HS racer, and he said that it should work just fine. I too am not interested in a performance boost per se, just the autodecomp convenience. Part should arrive in a week or so. I'll let you know how it goes.


I used the YZ cam as it has been proven to complement the wr intake cam. The mid range hit is less but it pulls harder top end with the YZ. Maybe check with hot cams and see if they have power charts available for their cams. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info cavscout-I would appreciate what you find out. Are you at Knox? By your name I would think that is where you are. I spent a little time in that area probably doing what you are doing/did. I retired in 96.



Yes I'm at knox. got here in August after leaving Hood. With stops in saudi arabia and Iraq.

I should have my new cam early next week so I'll keep you posted.

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