WR or X?

My neighbor has a CRF450x and he is wrenching on that piece of crap all the time. I haven't had to do anything except normal maintenance to my WR450. I've rode his bike and it does feel good and easy to ride but he has spent a lot more money on suspension and stuff than I have. It's seems like he has to replace the valves every six months and he has already put a new piston in. That being said, here is my take:

If you race or are an extreme rider and don't mind working on your bike everytime you ride then go for the X.

If you like to ride her hard and put her away wet then get a WR450. She doesn't need much love to come out and play again.

450's handle WAY different to 250's. Couldn't be more apart. I got both, I know. Yes you can swap suspension, what do you think factory teams do to improve handling? I got both bikes suspension revalved and new springs, oh my god, because the suspension improved, the handling improved. I didn't change frame, wheelbase, head angle, linkage lengths..........

The forks and shock is suspension, the way the suspension works is handling!

The suspension is better on the Yamaha's, the handling is better on the Honda's. :thumbsup:

He is absolutely correct on this one. Suspension needs to be valved and set for the bikes owner no matter what bike/brand. You could have 2 riders of the same weight on the same bike, and they would need suspension set up differently from eachother - stock, the magazines may like the Honda suspension better, but who leaves it stock?

As for handling, there are two basic schools - tight turning or high speed stability. Any bike that can do both usually wins the bike shootouts in the magazines. You can adjust any machine to do either, but some are naturally better than others at certain things. I'm still new to 4 strokes, so I am basing most of this on what I know of 2 strokes. Typically, Honda are the best turning, but suffer the worst headshake of the bunch. Traditionally, Kawasaki was the most stable at high speeds, but was the slowest turning. Suzuki and Yamaha were never the best in either category. Lets face it, its 90% rider anyway. I know that Suzuki didn't all of a sudden make a better bike and thats why RC is riding for them - it doesn't seem to matter what he's on does it? It sounds like you are already leaning towards a Honda, so go for it and let us know what you think. :bonk:

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