Fair price for forks?

I'm going to start an ebay auction for a set of 2001 650R forks and front wheel. What is a fair price for the forks alone, and the wheel alone. I was thinking $300 for the forks and $100 for the wheel as reserve prices. The forks have < 500 miles on them before a USD conversion. What's fair?

Doesn't matter were they start, it's were they finish.

Thus the question about RESERVE prices. As the PSA from the 80's said. "Reading is fundamental"

set your reserve at what YOU would be comfortable with and not feel sorry. If they go for more then hey :thumbsup: its a plus

when eBaying, I set my Reserve at the minimum I would accept, and start it low .. Im not sure what your forks and wheel are worth, but I would guess your mentioned Reserves are in the ballpark .. forks should be worth more than $300, so my guess is that you will have some activity in your bidding .. :thumbsup:

Not meaning to piss in your Wheaties or anything but they're worth what anybody is willing to pay. Most people aren't looking to up grade stock parts with stock parts. I bought a pair less than a year ago for $150. I got them just to have in case I have a need. Most people aren't as supid as me or hoard like I do.

What did you pay for your USD forks?

I hope you didn't buy brand new.

CRF450 and CR500 USD forks go on ebay for $300.

Now the wheel on the other hand might have more takers as they do come in more handy.

I picked up a set of Cannondale Ohlins forks (carbon copy of CR's) for $400 on ebay. Easy swap, just had to machine a few spacers. I notice the old Cannondale parts all over ebay lately.

I just did the Buy it Now on the rim you listed! Thanks!

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