Xr650r idle?

The idle on my xr650r seems way to high, what do I need to do to lower the idle?



That is an easy one. When you are setting on the bike. Reach down with your left hand, there is a knob with a cable that goes to the carb. You can adjust it with the bike running, wait till it is warm. If it doesn't adjust right, you might need to jet the carb. Due to someone before you opening up the air box or the exhaust. They sell the jet kit on ebay. It is easy to do. But if you are not mechanically inclined. :thumbsup: Pay someone or you will regret it

where is the idle screw located on the carb though?

It's the only easily adjustable screw down there Jake. C'mon now. And 4wheelfun is right. Save yourself some grief and only adjust when warmed up. Another 650R tidbit. If you turn it down too low you'll stall after long stretches of constant throttle. I only have had this happen on roads where I'm sustaining 35-45 mph and then come to a stop sign or intersection. I've never had that trouble off-road.

Have fun learning and when you get overwhelmed with all the details..... stop! Just fill her up and go ride!

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