Have u repacked your Q?

My 04' model FMF Q is starting to sound a little louder, not sure how loud yet, I race a GP next weekend with an informational only sound check so I guess I'll find out.

Anyway, I LOVE the pipe, it's performed well with excellent noise levels and it's still very solid so I'm just gonna repack it and call it good.

Has anyone repacked their Q yet? And if so did you just go out and get any old 4 stroke packing or did you use the FMF "Q Performance Packing"?

Thanks Guys :thumbsup:

You should be able to get about 30hrs out of muffler packing, most people don't touch it untill it is way too late.

It doesn't matter what you repack it with, but 4 strokes usually have the steel wool around the core because of temperatures. I guess with the FMF kit, it is all there and easy to use. The best packing you can get on the market today is the German made "silent sport" stuff. It is used by many manufacturers like GYT-R.

Repack your muffler, you will drop the db's and gain a bit of performance back. Clean all the carbon deposits off the core with a wire buff also.

30 hours :eek:

I probably got more than 300 hours on the original packing :thumbsup: and the last race in November I blew 96db....... :bonk:

Thanks for the info Matty :thumbsup:

I should clarify - I used to get about 30 hrs out of the 2 smoke, but the 4 strokes run WAY hotter which bakes the packing solid if dirt / water / oil / carbon is in the muffler.

The higher exhaust temp / velocities also blow a bit of packing out too.

I have found you get better performance if you repack and clean the core of the muffler every 30 hrs or so, the core is usually a bit carboned up which adds to the db's.

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