Need plastics for 06 450

Is anyone ever going to make plastics for the 06 450? Haven't found any yet, just wondering if anyone else has.

My guy at Acerbis told me late Jan. So any day.


OEM. - Yamaha

more expensive, but nice, nice in the fact that they have the metal inserts in the bolt holes.

I have the 50th annivers yel/black, wanted to order replacement plast, but even oem yamaha isnt listing the yellow till March.

I went an orderd frt/rr fenders, rad shrouds in blue. I have a 20% discount at the shop and got it for $115.

took off the fresh yellow and perserved it for now, cant wait till the yellow is available soon. I just figured to take it off since it was 50th anniv and all. (just the yell/black shroud graphics was $86 a side - oem )....

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