'03 YZ450F Rekluse Clutch "Gaskets"

I have just installed a rekluse on my bike and the last stop calls for two gaskets that need to be installed together. It says without both gaskets there will be lots of damage resulting.

My problems is I never got any gaskets at all!!!!!!

Does anyone know if I can use another type of gasket for this or something that will work well until I can order gaskets from rekluse on Monday????


That's a bummer. The two gaskets they send you are quite a bit thicker than the oem gasket and you definitely need extra thickness they have, so I'd say you should call Rekluse and get a set on the way. Or you could order the Rekluse clutch cover which gives you the extra clearance you need plus it looks pretty damn cool. They may give you a break on the price since they forgot to send you the gaskets. Just a thought.

YZ for Me is right, don't ride that bike until you get the right gaskets.

Believe me I wont ride it..lol

I am supposed to ride tomorrow but I guess I will be crying all day instead :thumbsup:

Does anyone know what the thickness of the gasket is suppose to be?

Also I called rekluse but they dont say what days they are open just says

9-5 mountain time????

The installation was very easy though and if anyone needs help on that for a YZ450 just lemme know.

Thanks Guys!

its about 1/8" when they're together,maybe more. the cover they sell is great quality,and you don't have to worry about those 2 gaskets leaking :thumbsup:

The covers are nice I agree, but after spending almost $600 on the clutch and external adapter I need to wait a while before getting the cover. They are not cheap..lol

So 1/8" ( both gaskets together) ok.

I had to replace two stock steel plates with rekluse plates cuz my spacing was way over by .016 ( it was at .053 and it needs to be between .030-.037)

Do you think if I make a gasket 1/8" thick and use that far a couple days it should ne fine??????? Just a question :thumbsup:

Unless you have great gasket making skills, I'd say it's not worth making your own. Waiting for the Rekluse gaskets to come sucks, but trashing your new clutch will suck far more.

Gasket making is a breeze! Do it and ride today. Plus that gasket is simple. Take the side cover flip it upside down lay the gasket material on the cover and take a hammer and lightly tap around the edge, or just cut it with a razor.

Gasket making is a breeze!!

I just need to know exactly how thick the two gaskets together are from rekluse????????

Does 1/8" sound right to the rest of you or do you know exactly????

Thanks for all you help so far guys!


I do have the spacer, it is just shy of 1/4" thick. It is for a 2000 model, I just realized you have an 03. The clutch cover gasket part #'s are different but they look the same. If you have the tiime and your cover bring them over and check. My cell # is in your Pm's. Cya

Does anyone know if the gaskets between 02 & 03 are compatible? (Clutch Cover) they look the same in pictures.

A router table, flush cut bit with guide bearing and a piece of plexi or lexan and you can have a spacer with a sight glass. It works pretty well and is cheap and fast. Though the one I am/was offering is Aluminum.

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