XR650L - Experience after installing Supetrapp IDS2 Quiet

Just installed my new Supertrapp IDS2 Quiet series with all the disks put in. Sounds good...only a little louder than stock. Bike has been uncorked; snorkel removed, K&N filter, 55/158 jets. Seems to run a little better than with the stock can, but won't go above about 75-80 MPH and won't power wheelie in 2nd gear.

I'll pull the plug tomorrow morning and report on the color; I ran it around tonight for about 40 mins, part street, part highway, but have to go out and don't have time to pull it tonight.

Do you think I should bump the jets up one size? Don't you think it should 2nd gear wheelie and go past 90 or so? What did you experience with an aftermarket exhaust?

good luck

The thing should bang wheelies in 2nd and 3rd without the clutch.

I don't think an exhaust would change the bike that much. It sounds like you are expecting way to much out of a low budget pipe. If the bike wouldn't do any of that stuff before, a few more horsepower probably wouldn't change the whole character of the bike.

Just like the people who drive the civic's with the big loud exhausts, it may sound faster, but I doubt it really is.

Wheels_up... What jets are you running in your carb? Is it the original Keihin?

I run the same pipe, and a small slip of paper was included with the instructions ... it stated that the 'quiet core' was the same as running 6 discs, running more discs would have no effect ... I run 8 anyway ... ?? .. my bike pulls VERY well, but I sure dont have any problem keeping the front wheel down ... I think you expect too much just from a pipe change :thumbsup:

Roadcam, what's your top speed? Will it pull the wheel up in second without clutch? "Burned" over in the jetting forum suggested a 165 main jet with my setup; I'll probably order it and a 58 slow jet to see its effect on performance with more or less disks.


You really need to load the suspension and hit the gas while pulling up HARD or while standing on your pegs leaning way back. Thats the only way I can do it in 2nd gear with out the clutch. If you search some threads by BWB you will find endless info on gear to rear wheel HP. 70-80 mph? Do you weigh 200+ lbs? Or are you riding up hill all the time?

Next time get a White Bros. E-series!!! :thumbsup: jmho

Ive geared down (14/48), so yes, I could wheelie fairly easily (BUT Im not very good at it, anyone else could pull the front up at will) ... with stock gearing, I could hit the Honda-suggested 99mph, but mine was getting pretty skittiish at about 85-up ... now that I have the Superbrace, and different tires, it is MUCH more steady at speed than it was .. not sure why your topspeed is down so much, unless you've geared way down ... you may want to do a compression test, just for the helluvit .. :thumbsup:

Wheels_up... What jets are you running in your carb? Is it the original Keihin?

55 pilot 165 main. I have a hotcam so the jetting is different from a stock cam motor.

I agree with the other posts. You're not going to get a huge change just by putting a different can out in back. But what you're saying means the exhaust is doing it's job of getting the gasses out faster because now you're leaning out the main at 75-80 mph as you stated.

Anytime you make changes to the intake and/or exhaust side of the motor, rejetting is mandatory for the factory set ultra-lean XRL.

I've got the IDS2 QS on my '98 and it'll go 90 or better no problem, but I've also rejetted the carb more than once to try and obtain that elusive "perfect" air/fuel ratio.

Here's a pic of my spark plug.


Definitely looks too lean, do you all agree? I'm ordering 58/165 jets.

By the way, changed the pipe to 6 disks (from 10) and it runs a little better (not so lean, I guess).

58/165 is what worked for me,but then I had to go and throw a mikuni on it.

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