Re-jet Expectation

well it is done with the excpetion of a installing an aftermarket exhaust, my 650L is now uncorked Removed the smog junk some time ago (no real BIG difference) The I Installed a UNI filter. Today I removed the snorkel and installed a dynojet kit. Bike started right up (better than usual on a cold start at about 45 degrees) and ran fine. Adjusted idle and took her out for a spin. Seemed like it rolled on better, like less effort on the engine - or so it sounds - no popping back on downhills. But the BIG power hit I thought may come with all of this is not there. Or I did all the uncorking so incrementally that I don't know how good I have it over stock.

I am still runining the stock exhaust, maybe that is the last secret ingredient to make a BIG power increase like when I uncorked my XR250R and installed a FMF pipe on it. Right now in the carb I am running the 160 main jet, needle clip in 3rd position. Maybe I expected too much? it just seems to run better and smoother down low -midrange and still pulls from 60MPH pretty much like it did before. Maybe time for an FMF Q series for her....

Get you a good exhaust and you will be able to tell a big difference. All of the mods brought my old XR to life. I could tell a big diffenence in throttle responce off of an idle. Grab a big hand full of throttle and hang on. :thumbsup::bonk:

I have only changed my exhaust still have all the other things to do. Just from the exhaust change the power increase was dramatic I mean a big change. With the stock exhaust I had trouble starting in cold weather also (2006 XRL) now one try and its going. Get a good exhaust :thumbsup:

Yuppers, that is what I think too, that it all now needs to complimented witha good free flowing pipe.

Did you grind off the tab on the air fuel mix srew and try it 2.5 turns out? Also it would be a good idea to open her back up and go up to at least a 55 or better yet a 58 pilot jet. And even better would be to take the Dj kir out and go with Daves mod's. The pipe aint going to get you much except it will loose your bike about 7 pound's and your wallet will shed some weight also.


I ground the tab off the screw and am running it at aboutt 2.5 turns out. I am thinking too that maybe the pilot jet too needs to be changed. Maybe I should stop by Honda and pick up a couple of Keihn jets 155/58 and try them...

I have a 2005 650L and un-corked it a few weeks back. Applied the DynoJet kit, removed the smog garbage, removed the snorkel, put a Uni filter in and took the baffle out. The increase in power was definately good, I found the improved throttle response to be the best outcome. I certainly didn't get the kind of power increase that many people in this forum talk about. All I would say is, yes it is worth doing, but dont expect it to perform miracles.

just what you have done is good. but merely uncorcking it is insufficient. you must have a good exhaust to realize the potential of what you have done! :thumbsup:

Ya know I got an e-mail from Dynojet and they said that you should leave the snorkle in! as thier kit was designed to work with a stock airbox and aftermarket filter. ??????

Ya know I got an e-mail from Dynojet and they said that you should leave the snorkle in! as thier kit was designed to work with a stock airbox and aftermarket filter. ??????

Given the kit didn't even contain a pilot jet that would not surprise me.

Yea ya know, it makes me want to stop by Honda on the way home and get a 158 main and 55 pilot ? (running stock pipe still) and then remove the carb - drill the slide this time and install the Kehin jets and see what I get. But if I did that should I retain the dynojet needle? or resintall the stock one with the dyno jet small washer under it?

Stock with washer, if the DJ kit still comes with the needle that has a large step in it, versus a smooth taper all the way down the needle.


Hi all, Looks like a good knowledgable group here.

I just picked up my 06' L model last night. Man is it anemic, almost to the point Honda should be embarrassed so it's time to dig in to it. I've never been impressed with Dynojet kits so I most likely will try some recommendations I've read here. ie, #8washer under the needle, 158 main and 55 pilot, drill the slide and see what happens. When I decide on a pipe I'll get one ordered up.

My question is about the smog removal procedure. I see the charcoal canister poking it's ugly head out from under the cowling so that's got to go. From past experience removing these things, house routing is critical so you don't turn the gas tank into a vacuum chamber. :thumbsup: The next is the procedure for removing the smog pump assembly. I see a kit is made but it appears for 20 bucks you get a stamped piece of metal and a rubber plug/cap. Being a machinist I think I can handle that chore.

Number 1) is there a detailed archive article for removing the canister-correctly ?

Number 2) is there a detailed archive article for removing the smog pump and related goodies?

I tried a search and only came up with merely mentioning that the stuff has to go with no detailed information.

Thanks for any input....this thing is wayyy to lean. :thumbsup:

What I did worked great: 1. at 3900 feet elevation I have a 55 pilot and 158 main jet (Keihn not kit jets) 2. shim the stock needle .025 (the kit needle does not have the same taper as a shimmed stock needle). You can use a vary small (radio shack) washer to "bump" the stock needle up a bit. 3. drill the slide holes 4. remove snorkel and I added some filtered holes in the seat bracing. If you look at it the seat is so close to the intake I thought it may be restricting air intake. I think it does anyway. 5. 2 1/2 turns on the screw 6. I have a White Bros E Series (discs) system that really fine tunes it all 7. smog gone 8. header tape 9. wings off 10. Front fender, cut off 6" on leading edge and cut holes in the trailing edge for more air flow to the frame oil and engine. 11. 14 tooth front, 47 tooth rear sprockets

This setup gives me 220 degree temp dipstick readings on warm 80 degree days, quick acceleration (front wheel off the ground easily in first and second if ya rev/pop the clutch), cruising at 65 all day long with ability to run on tight trails without playing with the clutch all the time. Starts right up in about any temp. you care to ride.

I found I had to do it all to get it all right. For me it was the complete package that worked.

Your right albeit 20.00 for an IMS smog removal kit - it is well worth it in directing you on hose routing etc. The Dynojet kit works, don't get me wrong, I just don't think that a simple rejet without the accompanying free flowing exhaust really gets you anything more than improved starting / warm up and ease of drivability (as Burn told me in the re-jetting forum), it pulls about the same maybe a bit better - less effort and the engine does not pop, etc as it does when lean (stock).

Your right albeit 20.00 for an IMS smog removal kit - it is well worth it in directing you on hose routing etc.

I agree as long as it's complete instructions.

I've done enough charcoal canisterechtomoty's I could stumble my way through another one. I thought some one would have a hose diagram stashed away on the hardrive somewhere.

I won't ever buy another Dyno jet kit though.

I'll be riding this from our Mountain home in Wrightwood at 6200 ft. at the highest elevation, to around 3500 ft. in the high desert. Our air density is different from your location to mine, but the 158 main and the 55 pilot seems to be the consensus here.

I still need to do some homework on the pipe selection and get the Louisville slugger off of it.

Here's what my mods were and what I experienced. '05 650L. K&N filter, removed snorkel, 55/158 jets. When I did this, I got much more power; the front wheel lifts off the ground in first much more easily. But, it won't quite power wheelie in second gear get. So, That was "stage 1".

Stage 2: Then, installed a Supertrapp IDS2 Quiet Series. Put in 10 disks, but the bike was running way too lean; it would only go up to about 75-80 or so. Put in 6 disks, and bike runs better, but no increase in power from stock exhaust. So... time to bump up the jets.

Stage 3: Ordered a 58 slow jet and two main jets: 162 and 165. Burned over in the jetting forum recommends the 165 jet, so that's what I'll go with. When I take the carb out this time, I'll drill the slide. Should get the new jets next week from Will report on progress.

sounds close to what ive done, but i used a djet kit. 160 main. im super happy with the kit and the power ive gotten out of it. typicle drilled slide(5/32), no snorkel and e2 series silencer. am thinking about getting a 158 main(keihin) and using it with the djet needle. maybe even the 55 pilot as you. i am at 5000 ft ele. in nevada. am just on the rich side as far as the plug says. why the hatred for djet, mike worsham? also have an 05 xr650l. the smog block off kit is wel worth 20 bucks for the hose routing diagram. tried to find mine but it was probably tossed by t he wife or dog. :p:worthy::worthy::banana::bonk::eek::p:eek::bonk::thumbsup::worthy::thumbsup::worthy::foul::lol:

i think they just didnt want the box removed comletely and a bolt on filter direct to the carb.

what about this, the djet needle has more of a sharp angle toward the tip. thus alowwing more fuel at higher throttle openings. this may be an advantage over the stock needle persay in an engine with a cam/high comp. piston and header. or am i overthinking? :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup::bonk:

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