Re-jet Expectation

Below is a e-mail reply that I got from dynojet, when I asked them why they do not provide a pilot jet in the kit.

"With our needle that we have developed for that machine we do not have to

enlarge the pilot jet. "

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From: David Christopherson []

Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 7:32 AM


Subject: RE: FW: Dyonjet installed

Thanks Ben! I will re-intsall the air box snorkle and see ... one other ?

for you. Why is there no pilot et contained in the kit.

"With our needle that we have developed for that machine we do not have to enlarge the pilot jet. "

I'm guessing they were just too cheap to tool-up for a pilot jet, and too proud to send a keihin with the kit!


i havent seen a problem with my djet ive intstalled in my pig. it runs very well! dont really understand the bad hype this kit gets. if im missing on something let me know!

I agree mine runs fine with the dynojet kit in also. Yesterday I slipped the snorkle back into the aitrbox and there was no performance difference at all. I will have to do a plug read and see if there is any difference with it in or out, I doubt there is. I think the dynojet kit is a simple and effective way to correct the stock lean condition and it is very easy to do too.

the only thing i can think of is the cost of the kit compared to the cost of doing a home rejet. later! :thumbsup:

I have installed a dynojet kit on my XR650L 2006 and am very very satisfied with the outcome. I really didnt think the cost was too much, paid $43.00 on ebay and it came with everything. The trottle response was improved greatly. I have a wileyco exhaust and K&N filter and it is desnorkeled.

click modifications

165 main...stock pilot.

DJ spring and needle. Needle clip is on 3 from the bottom.

Works and starts awsome.

question 4 ya, kelleyseiler. did you also drill the slide and remove snorkel? i did, i know some who havent and they have minor driveability issues. just curious! oh whats your elevation and which djet main did you use?

didnt drill the slide, did remove the snorkel, I installed the 165 main and we are about 2500 ft. she runs really well, very quick throttle response, and top end is improved a great deal also. :thumbsup:

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