450 Shootout Results

Official 450 Shootout Results.............

Rags Honda Kawi Yamaha Suz KTM

MXA 2 5 1 3 4

Dirt Rider 1 2 5 3 4

Dirt Bike 1 3 2 5 4

Transworld 2 1 3 4 5

Cycle News 1 2 4 3 5

RacerX 3 1 2 3 5

10 14 17 21 27

I give up trying to add columns to this thread :bonk:

results =

Honda 10 points

Kawi 14 points

YZF 17 points

Suki 21 points

KTM 27 points

In the eyes of the Rags, Honda is Still CHAMP.

I Love my 3rd place bike............... :thumbsup:

thumbs down icon............. :eek: I don't know how to erase it from the thread.............. and I don't know how it turned on............. :thumbsup:

IMO, all 2006 Bikes KICK AZZ...............

I just wanted to put all the Rag results together.....I can't seem to add columns to the post to clean it up......... :bonk:

Honda still King...

Kawi Great First Year Bike.....

YZF - I own one, all I can say is WOW

Suki, KTM.... :thumbsup:

I wonder what 2007 has in store for us.............

Yea, definately a good time to be in the market for a new 450. More than ever, you really can't make a bad choice. :thumbsup:

I wonder what 2007 has in store for us.............

Another 8 million posts just like the ones we have seen this year! :bonk:

Very nice to see the bikes all over in the mags :thumbsup: , this tells us WE all made the right choice...

nice math and good post. I guess it's clear the CRF owns another year. I can say that because I have one. lol. They are all great bikes. These bikes are amazing and so easy to ride. I mean could you imagine riding a 2-smoke anymore... ouch, I just hurt my brain.

I'll just add that I 'WAS' a 2 stoke lifever and now after riding a few 4 strokes, picked the YZ450F as my ultimate race machine!

They all are great bikes this year. I called my buddy tonight to see if he wanted to go riding and he said he can go but has to ride his wife's CRF250 because the valves on his 05 CRF450 went 0 clearance again. This is the second time he's had to do the valves on that bike. My 03 YZ450 has had one valve that was shimmed and it's got quite a bit of hours on it. That, coupled with the fact that my wifes CRF250 can't go over a year without the valves going to 0 and burning more oil than an old Desoto is why I'll get another Yamaha.

Official "Satch" 450 Shootout Results: (they say a picture is worth a thousand words)











I like what Dirt Rider said.

Put 15 lbs of air in the tires or change the clickers a click or 2 and any of these bikes could be in last place.

Thats How Good They ALL! are.


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