Chain Maintenance

Mine makes a bit more power than just the free mods though.

:bonk::thumbsup: These secrets need to be shared with us :thumbsup:

:bonk::thumbsup: These secrets need to be shared with us :thumbsup:

No secrets mate, Here is what I have done to my bike for power:

- Procircuit Ti4 GP lowboy full system

- Vortex ignition

- JD Jetting kit spot on (lots of plug chops!)

- CR8EIX iridium spark plug gapped correctly

- Cut holes in right side of airbox where Yamaha kindly molded in where to cut

- Wire mesh removed from airfilter cage

- Twin air airfilter

- Re-routed the cam breather tube down the left side to the ground, just like the WR250F (emissions crap again)

* Australian WR's don't have long throttle stop, AIS, snorkle (both of mine didn't anyway).

The only thing really different to anyone elses here is the exhast system and ignition. A free flowing aftermarket MX exhaust will produce a ton of power gain on the WR's, compared to "quiet" pipes and stock pipe, modded or standard. They are even better than a YZ muffler. I got the ignition to make the most of the pipe change, as recommended by any professional. It makes more power than the grey wire mod, the bike runs way cleaner, the power is way smoother, the power curve is adjustable, and it is Australian made!

* One thing I am doing today as we speak (taking a break) is disabling ACV circuit. This mucks around with jetting heaps, and causes run on as I believe. I will be sure to let everyone know my findings.

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