Rear frame protector?

I have notived that the chain has taken bits from the alu rear frame (yamaha 06WR450FV part nr: 5TJ-21190-80-00) which holds up the seat etc :worthy::cool::p

I assume the chain has strectched slightly from new (the bike is brand new only 200km) and the slack is now too long.

Is it normal for the chain to stretch or was it just the slight loosening of the rear wheel assembly?? :thumbsup:

My concern now is the alu rear frame. I will reduce the slack in the chain as per the bike specs in the manual, but I would still like to get some protection fro any further damage in future. Does anybody make some protection kits like a guide or bolt on pad or does one need to design something one self and stick (with 2 componet plastic steel) or cable rap it on? :eek:

Thanks for the input folks. :thumbsup::bonk:

Halfway through my last ride I remembered that I needed to tighten my chain. Washing it the other day I noticed that the chain started to hit the sub frame like you said. I can only assume that this is from the chain being too loose because this has never happened before on my bike. I would say that tightening your chain will solve this problem.

This is totally normal, I asked Aussie CDR Yamaha factory race mechanic Shaun Hoggetts about it as mine has done it, my mates YZ450's have done it too. I will get a pic for you later on.

The chain will stretch a bit to start. The stock chain (DID 520VM) is one of the best chains you can buy, so don't get another one if that is what you are thinking. They last about 5,000 - 6,000kms with good maintenance.

He said normal but keep the chain adjustments as per manual (check before every ride, it will take you 2 sec). Their race bikes do it too.

I did have "jesus" gaffer tape on the subframe, but it doesn't really do it any more.

Hey Matty05

Thanks for reply. I was concerned that the bits shaven away from the rear frame may weaken it. But if this is normal to all bikes it probably is not too serious. If you get a picture, please to send it on as it would interest me to what extent the other wear is on other bikes.

Finally, out of interest, what is the "jesus" tape. Is it really tough stuff?

Here champ, hard to get a good pic, but it is only scuffing:

I got the name "Jesus" tape from Bamster I think because it fixes everything! Also called 100 mile an hour tape, regularly called gaffer tape, It is just really strong packing tape, often with a fibre mesh in it for strength.

Ahaaa, thanks Matty :thumbsup:

Jesus tape AKA Duck Tape

I say your picture. I see yours is only slight scuffing. I think mine is a bit worse, but I hope it will be ok.

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